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Samuele CALZONE: Reason for Debate - MANIFESTO

Culture, in its social value, is going through a deep crisis, as today it is spread in an indefinite fragmentaryness of techniques and specific knowledges and it is also consumed by endless struggles of a collapsed and missing humanity. Some say this is due to the authority crisis or to the lack of dialog, others say this is to belong to the distance from the historic awareness and to the shortage of values. However, what is to underline is that the intellectuals (or learned men), who should be the main authors of culture, are actually unintentionally outlining the intellect death, while promoting the detachment of the artist or the thinker from the world that surrounds him and encouraging his firm lack of participation to the common practical contrasts. In this ending they may be compared to a sort of dinosaurs, which do not belong to this world anymore.
They are died out. There is the missing of the homo faber, who produces culture, the concrete, easy one, which becomes Education and Respect of all the differences, which is created by “half-writers”, or men with a strong common sense, who do not indulge in imaginations and illusions: they are men of the world, who perceive the true quality of past and today’s events. They recall... how sad it is when the best proof for the truth is the multitude of believers, in a crowd where fools are more than the wise men.

Our group strongly believes that for an interior growth and for the consciousness of our social identity, we need the Dialog, as free comparison and attention towards differences. We are not intellectuals. Neither politicians or judges. And neither those who believe in the absolute value of economy and science and feel safe in their ignoring.
We are Youth. There is a pain which is immanent in the culture task. And we feel the pain to gain our truth, the one that cannot be assumed or absorbed. We do not pretend to be revolutionary, and we are not satisfied with an abstract knowledge, incomplete and self-referring. It is enough, for example, avoiding the uselessl debate on the problem of school, leaded by the most superficial ideas on education, moreover matched with the claim to swiftnessly shape and mould minds with fast and forthcoming utility as first result. It is enough being here and being responsible: we want to connect the thought with all the other shapes of doing, and make of the thought a concrete form of everyday operating.
We want to learn to ask. Indeed, Questions rise through the comparison with things and events, and the things themselves are where eyes are.

We believe in the importance of the acceptance of the Other, the recirocal respect and the solidarity, we believe in the discussion as an action that can change, transform and grow the world, but we refuse the discussion hold by those who cling to a word, a similes, those who do not listen to any objection as they are so busy with their run, those who reject everything, mix up and muddle the talk because of their weakness.
We do not look for a vague and equivocal phrasing, which hides shreds of thought: we aim to follow that conscious critic which brings us a step forward.
The purpose of our group is to analyse and discuss specific issues through different points of view and interpretations, in full respect of every position.

We feel involved in a common thinking, in a common speaking and in a reconciled diversity, which does not consist of a uniformity of opinions and views, but makes of the huge multiplicity of considerations and ideas, an important instrument to understand reality: our thinking is a tool and it depends on social and historical background.
Our unity is the consciousness of many specific differences, which join together in order to become Responsible of our presence and we make of the Opinion an expression to bring along and to communicate to everybody, we make of the Opinion a Pocket one.

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