The “Interculture” meaning
(Samuele Calzone)

scope dedicated to the analysis of interculture and European conscience

Scope dedicated to mythology
(Samuele Calzone)

Dialog area
(Nathanael Gobenceaux)

discussion and debate, articles and contributions, European partners

Art of peoples
(Leonardo Masi)

music – books – poetry
poetry selection, book review, music proposals

Bibliography and Sites
(Antonio Giorgi)

Material for the analysis of the Dossier speech, Report for texts
and web sites

Territory opportunity
and undertakings
( Federico Rosati)

services for foreigners, associations for foreigners, local undertakings

Youth cultural Association “Pensiero Tascabile ”

dates and undertakings

Foto di Viaggi

foto in giro per il mondo

Mail and contributions

scope reserved for readers and for thei opinions

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